Rockwoood Glass has the knowledge and technical ability to reproduce vintage glass bottles or create a new design for your antique glass bottle. We decided to work on developping specific engineering techniques within our factory in order to answer the market’s request and trend for vintage glass bottles. Alcohol producers, bars and restaurants give a strong preference to antique glass bottles due to the number of advantages they represent. Indeed vintage glass bottles can be used not only as an eye catching decorative item but also as a vibrant or resonating serving device. Classic design has always been popular among consumers of various age categories and preferences.

Rockwood Glass is a European China based company, manufacturing custom made bottles at competitive prices. We specialise in creating unique bottles that final customers will find alluring and buy. We take care of the bottle’s look and let you take care of the product contained inside of the bottle. If we work together, it is a win win situation, a long term partnership that we hope to be able to maintain with you and your brand for the years to come.

Vintage glass bottles are coming into fashion again. These antique glass bottles created in the 18th and 19th centuries are verymuch in demand again today because maybe of the nostalgia of the Belle Epoque period. For example in Argentina we have a lot of clients asking to reproduce vintage glass bottles for soda seltzer water bottles. Also in New York state a company just started a new business of delivering vintage glass bottles for milk at your door like it was done before. Consumers find this is more natural, healthy and it will become a fashion.

Most commonly today vintage glass bottles are used for bottling water. It adds a lot of value to your end product as the bottle creates value with its color and embossing. Amber glass can also be used for antique glass bottles, specifically for craft beers. The old cachet make the product look more authentic.

Rockwood Glass revives antique glass bottles in its nostalgic collection available now. Our vintage glass bottles can be customized to your requirements like any other bottle. We can emboss your brand and logo, apply see through windows, paint the bottle fully or partially or frost your vintage glass bottle. Any type of label can work on an antique glass bottle should it be a regular paper label to keep the old classic style of the bottle’s brand, or a more modern look with serigraphy or silk printed labels.

Most antique glass bottle shapes were closely associated and identified with certain products. « Form follows function » to a large degree in bottle shapes and styles, and they still do as of today. Indeed vodka bottles will be taller and slimmer whereas whisky and brandy or cognac bottles will be lower and more round like a carafe etc… In the past sodas or mineral water and beer are good examples of products very closely identified with certain distinct bottle shapes that were rarely used for other products. There is a lot of research done on dating a vintage glass bottle, determining its use in the past, why it was painted a specific color, how was it made (mouth blown or semi automatic mold), if there is embossing on the front or sides or any marks embossed on the bottom etc… We would like to suggest that before answering the questions of our designers, you do some priliminary research and look into the history of the product you will be selling. Maybe this can give you some good clues as to how to create an even more unique bottle linked to its history, giving you a story to market your brand with at the same time.