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The following glass bottles and designs are an example of what we can make for you, if you like a design, or want a similar custom glass bottle designed, or want more information about our glass bottle manufacturing, be sure to contact us for a free quotation today!

Rockwood Custom Baby Products Bottles Collection

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Rockwood is not only a glass factory but also combines the largest bottling operation for French vodka in a special zone bonded zone outside China, allowing to bottle without mentioning China on the label. We have more than 50 French vodka bottles sold around the world.

Thank to our geographical location, we are able to produce any bottle with any size or shape.Vodka is one of the products we began to produce at first. Indeed, in 2005 Rockwood decided to produce large amount of french custom made Vodka bottles, in order to satisfy clients worldwide, with the design they choose, the shape and decoration of their choice. Our vodka bottles are custom made.

Our key advantage is due to our geographical location and our knowledge of design. Indeed, our vodka bottle design experience is related to European and especially french inspiration. Don't hesitate to call us or send us e-mail to know more about our way of proceeding. One of our advisor will get back to you as soon as possible. Choosing Rockwood to produce your unique vodka bottle will ensure high quality service, and unbeatable production lead time. Rockwood glass manufacturer owns the most efficient glass factory in China. Rockwood glass group is one of the leading vodka bottles manufacturer.Vodka has become one of leading products in the spirit industry. Within our company, we pride ourselves to make the fanciest glass bottles of vodka around the world. Exporting to 24 countries, we are leader on the U.S. market with over 50 brands of vodka bottles supplied to national importers and distributors.

What makes a bottle fancier
than the others?

First the shape of the bottle is of course what makes the beauty of the bottle, the balance of the lines and proportions is also an important aspect. Most of all, the glass quality will give the elegance to the vodka bottle. Rockwood uses Super flint quality with heavy glass slugs at the bottom, 25 to 30mm give an exceptional crystal clarity, bringing light to the bottle.

We can design your custom made bottle, our French in house designers will help you make the most beautiful and usual bottle.

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