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Rockwood Glass has created specifically for our beer bottle clients amber glass bottle production lines that run year round. They can as well produce small brown glass bottles for pharmaceutical purposes or any other content needed. The most popular use of amber glass bottles though is for craft beer bottles. Very much in trend today and since several years, beer producers need to differentiate themselves from competition because of its bottle design and graphics. Having a brown glass bottle makes all the difference on shelves where end consumers can see the brand much better and automatically link it to the beverage or beer.

Whether you are selling cider, stout, lager or real ale, there is no substitute for glass packaging!

Brand identity is really important in a competitive market like the one we are in today. Packaging is key to standing apart from competition. We have the inside knowledge of the market, its trends, and excellent designers that can create for you a specially designed amber glass bottle or beer bottle that will be unique and very different from anything you can see on shelves’ stores today.

At Rockwood Glass we try to differentiate your craft beer bottles using different techniques described further below.

Embossing is one of the best ways to customize your craft beer bottle or amber glass bottle. The design and logo possibilities are endless, small details are totally possible and this makes your product really stand out. At Rockwood Glass we offer this at no extra cost to you, carve it in the mold of your bottle and therefore it can only be a great solution to create a very unique product at no extra cost!

Our in house design team has developed hundreds of craft beer bottle designs. Microbreweries are increasing every day and asking for creative packaging. Independent brewers need brand image and good amber glass bottle or beer bottle design to make their product visible and we have fun at Rockwood Glass with designing something really different each time, thinking outside the box, adapting to your needs and style and market target. The very popular and standard brands don’t go for complicated designs, the name and its history is sufficient to make the sale. But independent brewers need something different with cool lettering, illustrations, and a lot of character to make their product a success.

Indeed it is important that the product inside taste good, that is for sure, but packaging is what influences the end customer and makes the sale.

The product image and amber glass bottle is important but you must also consider is the shape of the bottle itself for beer, this has quite a history and should be looked into properly before the design is started. It all depends on the contents of your craft beer bottle.

A Short brown glass bottle used for beer is usually called a Stubby or Steinie. It is shorter and flatter with especially a shorter neck. Capacities vary between 330ml and 375ml, depending on where you are selling. Because there is a lower center of gravity there is usually less risk of breaking this bottle. It is also lighter and takes less room for storing it. Now in the USA, with the arrival in the 1950’s of the popular brands like Budweiser, necks have become longer. The long neck bottle is called ISB. But the Stubby style still remains popular everywhere else in the world especially in Europe and Australia. Because people are now nostalgic, we see stubby shapped craft beer bottles appear again since the year 2000. This is particularly true in Canada.

In the UK, british brewers used a standard design of bottle known as the London Brewers’ standard. Traditionally a brown glass bottle the neck was conical and medium high or with a rounded shoulder.

There are also smaller brown glass bottles or beer bottles called nips, ponies, cuartitos, throwdowns or grenades. The names vary according to the country you are in. The size of these bottles can be compared to the original Coca Cola bottle. Bud Light Lime has recently introducted  a Ponie bottle size called “Limey”. The idea behind these smaller bottles is to make sure that the beer stays cold inside until it is finished and to also target lighter drinkers.

We are looking forward to receiving your new project request and can’t wait to start designing your special amber glass bottle, or craft beer bottle. We will ensure you are successful so that we can also benefit from your success. We like to work as long term partners and create a relationship of trust and excellent quality and client service to do so.

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