Bottle designers with DesignbyRockwood

Looking for a bottle designer. DesignbyRockwood is here to help you create the perfect design for your bottle. Should you be looking for a bottle designer for your water bottle, vodka bottle, perfume bottle or any other product, our bottle designers are specialised engineers in glass and plastic technology. This guarantees that you not only have an excellent and creative design but especially, you will not run into production problems when ready to start production.

DesignbyRockwood is a Philippine Company joint venture with French company CEO Henri Berthe. Henri has designed some of the most incredible bottles with Cecile, a famous Filipino designer that is now directing DesignbyRockwood. Together they have won numerous awards: World best bottle design or packaging design awards at the SIP Awards amongst others. A reference in the industry.

Our bottle designers are based in the Philippines and directed by Cecile, ensuring they speak perfect english, understand fully your requests and instructions and that the cost of hiring a specialised bottle designer will not be extravagant. Our designers have all worked closely with European production management teams. They developed the skills, knowledge and taste of what Europe and particularly France has to offer when it comes to design and trends. Indeed it is well known that France and the rest of Europe are masters for fashion, art, design and high end items. Grasp the opportunity and start designing your bottle with DesignbyRockwood bottle designers today to create a unique product that will stand out on shelves.

Today, the market for spirits, soft drinks, water and perfumes is saturated with thousands of brands, new ones coming to market every day worldwide. The product inside the bottle isn't what makes the sale, especially if you don't have huge marketing budgets. It is the bottle's exterior design and look that attracts a customer. An eye-catching design distinguishes your product from all the others and gives you a much higher chance to make the sale. Our bottle designers know what is out there as we design thousands of new products each year for companies around the world. Although we sign NDAs and will never divulge what our clients are working on, we will lead you in the right direction.

With DesignbyRockwood bottle designers you are in good hands to start your project. We will always strive to exceed your expectations and create a long term partnership leading to your success. 


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