Custom Whiskey decanters and brandy decanters

Whiskey decanters and brandy decanters are usually the top of the line bottle for most sophisticated glass manufacturers. At Rockwood glass we pride ourselves to offer the purest and whitest superflint glass, very close to the transparency of crystal itself without any bubbles or shadows of course. Another extra value of a whisky decanters or brandy decanters is the thickness of the glass slug (the bottom of the bottle). It is important that this slug is even and straight ; and thanks to our latest technology acquired material, and we make sure with our zero defect QC that it is for each bottle we deliver.

Rockwood Glass is not only a glass factory but also combines the largest bottling operation for French Vodka, Whisky and Brandy in a special free zone, allowing to bottle without mentioning China on the label.
Thanks to our geographical location, we are able to produce any bottle with any size or shape. Whiskey decanters and brandy decanters are one of the products we began to produce first. Indeed, in 2005 Rockwood Glass decided to produce large amounts of french custom made whisky bottle and brandy bottle, in order to satisfy clients worldwide, with the design they chose and worked on with our in house team of French designers. Our whisky decanters and brandy decanters are custom made.

Our key advantage is due to our geographical location and our knowledge of design. Indeed, our whisky decanter and brandy decanter design experience is related to European and especially French inspiration. Choosing Rockwood Glass to produce your unique whiskey bottle or brandy bottle will ensure high quality service, and unbeatable production lead time. Rockwood glass manufacturer owns the most efficient glass factory in China. Within our company, we pride ourselves to make some of the fanciest whiskey decanters and brandy decanters around the world. Exporting to over 24 countries around the world.
American, Canadian, Irish, Scottish, whiskey or whisky, are a source of great distiller pride; but when it comes to lesser-known brands and small batches, the bottle and label design is what attracts customers to give it a try. From classic elegance to contemporary boldness, whiskey bottle designs and brandy bottle designs have endless creative possibilities.
Small batch distillers are opening up every day now and this resurgence has created a large demand for whisky decanters and brandy decanters. Bottling your product in a decanter style whiskey bottle or brandy bottle will allow your clients to keep the product visible to all in the house or office, as statue or decoration element and also serve other things like wines in them later on. A sense of wealth and sophistication needs to perspire from your whisky bottle or brandy bottle. The design of a whiskey bottle or brandy bottle is very important. The bottle shape itself can influence the way you experience a good whiskey or brandy. You need to make sure your bottle stands out from the crowd.

Simple and stylish, where less is more. Elegant lines, simplicity and subtle details make the most beautiful whisky decanters or brandy decanters.
Today many use other materials and combine them with the high quality superflint glass. Wood and fabrics make the product even more unique.

Embossing your brand, logo or an old vintage crest can also give the whisky bottle or brandy bottle another dimension. At Rockwood Glass we do this for free at no extra charge for you and you will be amazed with the quality of details we can do with embossing.

For a lavish drink the more unique the whiskey decanter or brandy decanter is, the higher the price of sale, that is well known.


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