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Rockwood Glass is the largest glass bottle manufacturer in China. We have found a way to combine European management and experience with the Chinese efficiency in manufacturing process. You can therefore benefit from cost effective services, fast and flexible production with top quality zero defect glass bottles. 

With both full automatic and semi-automatic glass bottle manufacturing lines in China, Rockwood Glass can produce runs from 20 000 bottles to over 1 million bottles per order. All this in just 45 days. We are the largest glass bottle manufacturer in China with 16 furnaces, 12 fully automated lines, and 10 semi-automatic lines. Our glass manufacturing factory is located near Shanghai, China. 

Rockwood Glass has a rich experience in the glass bottle manufacturing industry in China and is a specialist in custom designed bottles. We design, manufacturer and deliver your product to market in a speedy, efficient way, so that it is hassle free for you. 

We currently have clients from around the world that are happy with us being their glass bottle manufacturer in China. They mostly sell premium alcohol products like vodka, gin, whisky and brandy. What clients are looking for and find with Rockwood Glass is that we give top priority to brand image, design and therefore a distinctive identity that helps in marketing and sales success. The high quality production, flexibility, reactivity and competitive prices have projected Rockwood among the top glass bottle manufacturers in China and the rest of the world. Many recognized European and American brands have chosen to produce with us already. We export to major companies in the USA, Europe, South America, Japan, Asia and Middle East. 

Your mold and glass bottle design is private and exclusively owned by you and your company. Rockwood Glass offers European know how and technology, as well as artistic esthetics and inspiration for glass bottle manufacturing and designing in China. Many of our competitors in China and around the world have a standard catalog of glass bottles. They do not work on the basis of private molds and designs, customized to your exact needs. When choosing Rockwood Glass, you choose a concept of getting your very own, unique bottle, private molds, with all the advantages stated above with an efficient and fast process described in detail further below.

When you start working with Rockwood Glass, you will either have a bottle design that is ready to be manufactured or will need help in designing your bottle. Either way we are happy to help manufacturer your glass bottle in China. If you need our help in designing, our in house team of professional French designers, specialized in bottle and brand design, will ask you for a short marketing brief. This will detail your goals, sales price, competitors, the brands you are looking to compete with etc… From this marketing brief, our designers will send you several renderings in 2D image and you will work along with them giving your feedback and that of your colleagues as they make changes to create the perfect final product for you. This design process can be as short as 2 weeks long, or several months long, depending on how fast we hit the right design for your bottle. 

Once you have decided on your bottle design we start the technical drawing that allows us to manufacturer the 16 molds that will then produce your bottles. This entire process for mold manufacturing takes up to 45 days. It results in sending you a few samples of your bottle to confirm everything is in order.
Once you have received and confirmed you are happy with your bottle designs, we will start the mass glass bottle manufacturing in China. This will take up to 45 days again. 
In 90 days total, your bottle is completely manufactured with perfect QC and zero defects. We ship to your final production facilities which takes up to 35 days maximum by sea, wherever you may be located in the world. 

When you are ready to reorder, we place the order again, and this takes another 45 days for mass production of your glass bottles in China. Our molds can produce about 2 million bottles and when they wear out we replace them with new ones at no charge for you. 
Rockwood Glass sets the lowest minimum order quantity requirements for custom designed bottles with a minimum of 20 000 bottles. 

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