Miniature Glass Bottles

Miniature Glass Bottles

Miniature glass bottles is an important part of marketing larger bottled products today. Indeed popular
brands get the word around by dispatching miniature bottles as samples in bars and in speciality shops.
It is mandatory now to have counter displays with miniature glass bottles usually of 50ml capacity
available to promote your product.

At Rockwood Glass Manufacturers we know how to create the perfect mini version of your larger bottle,
creating a zero defect, “adorable" miniature glass bottle that will entice a consumer's curiosity should it
be during a special marketing event or as a last minute purchase near the cash register of a liquor store.
Once your large 70Oml or 750ml bottle design is finalised and production has started we will always
propose to create the miniature version of your bottle trying to make it an easy decision for you to go
ahead. With production as we try in this case to lower as much as we possibly can the minimum
quantity per order for your miniature glass bottles.

We can also help you create presentation stands and boxes to display and sell your miniature glass
bottles, all designed to match your branding and following your specific guidelines according to your
needs. See our gift boxes and Shipping boxes page for more details on this.

So don't hesitate to consider this little detail that makes a big difference in a succesful marketing
strategy to ensure that your product sells and that your brand takes off like the most famous brands out
there. Imagine maybe your miniature glass bottles could one day be available in airplanes flying around
the world and getting the word out there without any limits. Airports, hotel minibars, everything and
anything is possible when you go the extra mile and that is what we, Rockwood Glass Manufacturers are
here for: to hold your hand throughout the entire process and ensure that your product will sell so that
you order more and we create a winning team together.

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