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Where quality meets cost efficiency and short lead times.

Exceptional quality for premium brands

At Rockwood Glass, we recognize how important bottle quality is to a premium brand. Or to any brand, for that matter. Quality control of European standards is diligently enforced across our 6 production lines for glass bottles made of flint, super flint, and black glass, our 1 line dedicated to cobalt blue bottles, and the 8th line to miniature glass bottles. 

All products are individually examined and controlled for thickness, glass dimensions, and possible defects. Our clients receive thick, clear, premium quality glass which is free of impurities. 


In-house design, development, and production teams

Our fully tailored glass bottles are produced in Rockwood’s French-owned manufacturing plants in China. We have a Shanghai-based cross-disciplinary team that covers all areas of the project management and production processes. The team includes customer relations representatives who enable each client’s vision to materialize following close-knit communication and expert advice. As well as creative designers, marketing experts, quality assurance managers, glass specialists, French engineers and technicians, and a hands-on CEO.

Made-to-measure glass bottles

Why go bespoke? Thousands of well-known brands compete over shelf space and consumers for their spirits, liquors, beverages, water, and perfumes. All glass bottles produced at Rockwood are customized designs, tailored specifically to each client’s requirements. What does this mean for our clients? The uniqueness of your bottles reflects the distinctiveness of your brand. 

Think of reputable brands such as Grey Goose, Bacardi, Bombay Saphire, Absolut Vodka, Captain Morgan, Cuervo Gold, Glenfiddich, Jack Daniels, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Voss, Jägermeister, Jose Cuervo.

Their bottle designs have become synonymous with their brand. This is why bespoke bottles of superior quality are indispensable.

Every bottle that leaves our factory has a story to tell through its exclusive design. 


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