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Brandy, Cognac, and whiskey bottles

Elegantly designed bespoke glass bottles that encapsulate the rich heritage and refined essence of Brandy, Cognac, and whiskey

Crafted at Rockwood’s bottle factory in China with meticulous attention to detail, these tailor-made glass bottles feature premium quality glass in classic or more exclusive designs that not only preserve the integrity of the liquid within but also reflect the sophistication and tradition of the spirits they hold. The labels and closures are thoughtfully chosen to complement the bottle's aesthetics and convey the unique characteristics of each drink. Did you know that we partner with DeLaRue to provide optional high-security authentication labels for your spirit bottles? These labels feature a hologram for instant visual authentication and can also be used with a smartphone app for secondary validation and enhanced user engagement.

Get in touch with our team today. Together we'll set your bespoke spirit bottle project in motion. You can even simplify the process by turning to Rockwood for your private label and bottling needs. 

A selection of Rockwood's timeless whisky, brandy, and Cognac bottles

More bottle samples

Contact us for inspiration and let's get your glass bottle project started!

More Brandy, Cognac and Whisky bottles

We produce over 6 million exclusive bottles for some of the most prominent premium brands in the global spirits and beverages arena, and a further 500+ million classic bottles, annually. 

For more inspiration browse our Brandy, Cognac and Whisky bottles catalogue. 

Brandy, Cognac and Whisky bottles catalogue

Minimalist, traditional, or eccentric. We have you covered.

Rockwood's in-house design teams work diligently to create a glass bottle design that best represents your spirit or liquor brand. From minimalist designs to striking or more eccentric models, clients can choose from a large range of decorative options such as:

  • Serigraphy
  • Silk-screening
  • Embossing & de-bossing
  • Frosting
  • Engraving
  • Spray painting
  • Sand blasting
  • Accessorizing

Or why not hand-paint or hand-finish each bottle to add a layer of craftsmanship to the final product!