rockwood glass trademark

Bottling – European technology and directed distillery in China

Rockwood & Hines Distillery is just one hour away from Shanghai, located at Duty-Free Export Processing Zone. Both the distillery and bottling factories use European technology and equipment, including the distillation process that is under direct supervision of Rockwood’s CEO Mr. Berthe, distillation expert with years of distilling experience.

Rockwood Distillery produces Ultra Premium French Vodka and Brandy (VSOP and XO). According to the legislation and rules of the special export zone here in China, there is no obligation of indicating the bottling origin (China) on the bottle as you are in a Duty Free Zone. The final product can be claimed on the glass bottle as a “Product of France” as it was produced from alcohol imported from France before being bottled in China Free Zone.

A number of American brands and long-term loyal clients do bottling with Rockwood & Hines, and have successfully sold in the USA and Europe for years.

  • Coordinated tank / IBC imports
  • Inspection & certification
  • Charcoal treating
  • Dilution
  • Mechanised cleaning
  • Mechanised filling
  • Hand capping & sealing
  • 100,000 bottles bottled per day