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Rockwoodglass group in cooperation with Global Glass Factory makes the largest glass factory in China with 16 furnaces, 12 fully automatic lines and 10 semi-automatic production lines. It’s a joint venture between a French and Chinese companies.

You already know that Rockwoodglass is home to some of the world’s great brands. But we’re also a place to find extraordinary careers that have the potential to touch lives all over the globe.

Rockwood careers offer an exciting mix of responsibility and visibility. We have an entrepreneurial spirit, so you will be challenged every day to exemplify our vision through your innovation, dedication, and integrity. Our global reach offers you the chance to learn from and share your ideas with talented people all over the world. Yet our people-centric culture encourages personal interaction and collaboration so you’re always a valued, integral part of the team.

We encourage you to learn more about how a career at Rockwoodglass factory may be the perfect match for your personal skills and goals. Then bring us your innovation, your fresh ideas.your appetite for success. Because at Rockwoodglass, we believe talent is a competitive advantage.

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