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Achieve your Project

Our 3D design experts can bring the best designs and economical solutions for your new custom made bottle design. As a glass bottle factory, we have several in-house designers, specializing mainly in designing brandy, water bottle, perfume bottle, vodka bottles as well as specialty or novelty glass and ceramic bottles. This is a service apart from the glass factory and you do not have to order glass from us in order to use our 3D designers.

Designing custom bottles does not only requires artistic “feelings” but also technical qualifications. Designing a beautiful spirit bottle that will cost a fortune to produce is not of much interest to the marketers and startups. In nowadays difficult and competitive glass bottles market world, one wants to have an exceptional packaging at a competitive price. This is our motto at Rockwoodglass group. Unique beautiful bottles design shapes at exceptional low cost. You do not have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a beautiful bottle design, that is what we do every day and our permanent research into improving our bottles design has projected us among the best unique glass bottle designers worldwide. For only $850 we will design your bottle and eventually complete spirit packaging. This design bottle fee is refundable if you order the design bottles from us but this is not an obligation to buy bottles from us.

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