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ROCKWOOD GLASS GROUP has acquired  the first BLACK GLASS  bottle production line in China.    In operation since 2007, the factory has 2 furnaces of black glass , producing   400 000 bottles per day.     

Black glass is hard to make,  because of the reflection of the glass itself, sometimes temperatures are not even in the core of the furnace,   this phenomenon happens only on Black Glass bottles manufacturing,  this leads to uneven temperatures and results in heavy losses when the production  reaches the core .   This is one of the main reason why black glass has always been more expensive than  other standard color glass.

In the antiquity , black glass bottles were often used,  the bad quality material would result in dark glass, not always perfectly  and even black.  We can see OIGNON BLACK GLASS bottles below ,  it was perfectly accepted at the time , the black glass would protect  ingredients from the U.V. sunlight.

Black glass bottles were  found on many of the early ship wrecks along the coast of the USA .    The 1600 to 1700 the vessels would carry their alcohols in this type of OIGNON BLACK GLASS BOTTLES.  

There is very little black glass sold in the market today,   although most IRISH CREAM BRANDS use black glass,  BAILEYS,  RYANS, CAROLANS   , to protect from the UV Sunlight

Rockwood Glass owns the only glass factory of Cobalt blue glass in China. The popular brand Carlsberg Beer uses our factory to produce over 24 million Cobalt blue beer bottles a year, and has, for several years now, been for Rockwood’s Cobalt Blue Glass Factory a very loyal customer.

At Rockwood Glass’ Cobalt Blue Factory we strive to create a unique product that satisfies our clients at every order with zero defect Cobalt blue glass bottles.

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Natural BLACK and COBALT BLUE Glass Bottles Collection

Cobalt blue is the cool blue color of the pigments made using cobalt salts. They have since the very first art crafts in history been used as coloring agents in ceramics, especially created in China, glass and paint.

Today Cobalt blue bottles can be considered as collectibles for antiques or in perfume bottles and are very trendy for alcohol and spirit bottles. The Cobalt blue color makes the bottles stand out on shelves in stores immediately to the consumers eye and creates a very unique product they can’t miss.

The Cobalt blue color makes the bottles stand out on shelves in stores immediately to the consumers eye and creates a very unique product they can’t miss.

Rockwood Glass is the largest manufacturer of cobalt blue glass bottles in China. Indeed this light blue glass bottle color is very special. It is usually a very dark blue color but depending on the compounds of cobalt that are used cobalt blue can vary from turquoise blue to a more violet color and of course lighter blue variations. Cobalt blue glass bottles in China are made by incorporating cobalt oxide, a sort of metal, and oxide, a chemical compound.

Rockwood Glass produces year round cobalt blue glass bottles, unlike most cobalt blue bottle manufacturers that open production lines only at certain times of the year allowing for only a few months per year for these special cobalt blue glass bottles to be ordered and produced. As there is much demand Rockwood Glass decided to open several cobalt blue glass bottle color lines throughout the year thus anticipating the needs of our biggest clients around the world like the famous beer bottle GALSBERG KRONENBOURG 1664 sold in COBALT BLUE glass bottles. Our automatic production lines can produce approximately 250 000 bottles each per day creating a mass volume of cobalt blue glass bottles every week, month and year, that leave our factory for clients located and distributing worldwide : USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. You don’t have to wait to renew your order as we produce cobalt blue glass bottles in China year round, so when you are ready to reorder we are ready to produce.

Cobalt blue bottle manufacturers can be used for all sorts of beverages and spirits. It is particularly popular to fill light blue glass bottles with still or sparkling water, giving a fresh modern look to your product. Bottles of gin and vodka also look stunning with serigraphy labels playing with the semi transparency of cobalt blue glass bottles. Cobalt blue glass is one of the most popular colors in glass. Frank M. Fenton observed that statistically light blue glass bottles and other items were more disirable by customers, sold faster and for a higher price than other regular glass products.

These special light blue glass bottles can be worked with in the exact same maner as flint or superflint clear glass. Allowing for embossing or debossing logos for example, or frosting the bottle or creating a vintage look to your product.

Cobalt blue glass manufacturers are also very often called upon for producing bottles that will contain liquids that are sensitive to degradation from light. Market trends show that they are used a lot in beverages and spirits but they can also be used to store essential oils, perfumes and cologne.

Our process for creating your bottle is quite fast. You will work with our Professional team of glass designers to design the bottle that suits best your market. Once you have decided on a design we will pass to our glass bottle engineers that will manufacture the mold for your bottle. A few samples will be sebt to you so you can especiallt confirm the color of the cobalt blue glass is right for you. Once you send us your approval will will producz your order within 45 days. As the leading cobalt blue manufacturer in China we garantee 100% satisfaction to our clients. We garantee you will be satisfied and will work alongside you to make sure we create a long term partnership with your company.