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Links & Resources for Glass Bottles and Design

The following are a list of links or resources that you can use to find more information about glass bottle production, custom glass bottle designing, tips on how to create unique and eye-catching alcohol bottle designs, perfume bottles, wine bottles, glass containers and jars (for flowers, tea, coffee, etc.) as well as general information about this wondeful thing we call glass that is so widely used and appreciated for its beauty and storage usage & application in the world we live in today.


Resource list compiled by RockwoodGlass, the custom glass bottle manufacturers you can count on!

Also be sure to contact us for a free custom glass bottle quotation if you have an idea about a glass bottle that you want designed and/or manufactured as we are custom glass bottle manufacturing experts, and we will be sure to contact you back within 24-48hours with assistance in helping your ideas grow and flourish (while reducing cost and increasing visibility in the world of liquor, fragrance, and storage!) strategically.