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Rockwood & Hines Glass LTD, is the largest glass factory in China with 16 furnaces, 12 fully automatic lines and 10 semi-automatic production lines, a Joint venture between a French and Chinese company. We produce super flint glass of the highest quality, comparable to what Saverglass or Saint Gobain would supply in France. Already many European or USA customers moved from these above mentioned companies to produce with us. (references are available upon demand). Our high quality, flexibility, reactivity and competitive prices have projected us among the top glass manufacturers in the world. We do export to major companies in the USA, Europe, South America, Japan, Middle east: over 60 different countries sell bottles around the world that have been produced in our glass bottle factory in China. Our strength is the small Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 20 000 bottles for customized bottles, combined with a very low cost for a private mould, allowing any company, small or large, to start a new brand, or save on manufacturing costs, both very useful in the difficult economical market of today.

Our key advantages:

  1. Super flint glass quality, flint glass, amber glass, blue or green glass
  2. A 13 to 28mm crystal clear glass slug at the bottom
  3. Any embossing or debossing name or logo in the glass FREE of charge
  4. Minimum quantity for custom made bottles: 20 000 bottles; (the bigger the order the lower the price)
  5. Serigraphy or silk screening, frosting, spray paint and sand blasting are in addition and available as decoration for your bottles

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