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Our vodka bottle designers can bring the best designs and economical solutions for your new custom made vodka bottle design. As a glass factory, we have several in house french designers , specializing mainly in designing vodka, brandy and in general spirits bottles. This is a service apart from the glass factory and you do not have to order glass from us in order to use our designers. Designing vodka bottles does not only requires artistic ìfeelingsî but also technical knowledge. Designing a beautiful vodka bottle that will cost a fortune to produce is not of much interest to the marketers. In today difficult and competitive vodka market world, one wants to have an exceptional packaging at a competitive price. This is our motto at Rockwoodglass group. Beautiful vodka bottles design shapes at exceptional low cost. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to have a beautiful bottle design, that is what we do every day and our permanent research in improving our bottles design has projected us among the best bottle designers in the world.

For only $850 we will design your bottle and eventually complete vodka packaging.

This design bottle fee is refundable if you order the design bottles from us but this is not an obligation to buy bottles from us.

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How are such low prices possible ?

Even if our team is highly qualified, we always want to provide the possibility for the client to choose whatever bottle design they want, with any shape or size. Our designers are French art school graduates. Since a few years we decided to produce our glasses in China, near Shanghai. Thanks to this strategic geographical location, Rockwood is now able to ensure low price and high quality custom glass bottles, and fast delivery.

It requires a brillant designer to create custom made design bottles attracting attention and standing out on the shelf. At Rockwood & Hines we have a team of outstanding French designers with both high rated design skills and understanding of bottle production technology. These two elements give Rockwood Design Team a competitive advantage as they can design unique and extravagant bottles feasible for mass production. Besides creating masterpieces, our designers can consult and give advice on how to modify your design in order to make it more organic and functional.