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Philosophy – China glass bottle manufacturer

rockwoodglass wallThe workshop of the world” – until a few years, this is what China is known to be. Indeed, China produces a vast range of world’s inexpensive goods, but the problem is due to the fact that quality is not always easy to come by when buying in China. Moreover, within Chinese factories, the management usually do not speak any English, and sometime do not seem to understand the basic concepts of quality or service. Actually it is still possible to manufacture inexpensive yet high quality products in China – Rockwood do it everyday. It simply requires a constant vigilance over the production process and an extensive experience in the field of glass bottles manufacturing. That is exactly what Rockwoodglass Group will provide. We perfectly understand the fact that purchasing in China is a desire to reduce costs, but we also understand the difficulties that accompanies the decision. We strongly believe that things are going to change. Our main goal is to allow the customer to take advantage of the inexpensive prices of China without suffering from the quality standards, the customer service, the communication.